Strong Attraction


b. 1986, HK.

Strong Attraction is a branding and content studio, with heart to mirror yours.

We work with entrepreneurs and businesses to launch, rejuvenate and propel their brands so that they can genuinely connect with people and position themselves as leaders in their industry.


Patrice Douglas
Design Director

Since studying a Bachelor of Design at the College of Fine Arts in Sydney, Patrice has experienced different work environments - from large corporate marketing teams with a database of over 1 million email subscribers to a start up creative agency with a team of four, working from the boss’ home. She has worked on brands of all sizes and profiles; whether it be Spotify, Virgin, City of Sydney or ANZ bank to the integrated branding for Libby, the Vet in the Valley - a vet in Tasmania who’s ideal customer is a grey show pony called Cricket.

Regardless of the environment or the brand, Patrice always felt herself going beyond the role of producing a single output, to find out more about the client or the brand. Her instinct told her that there is always more to the story for the end-customer or to the purpose of the project than what was being briefed.

In starting her own business, Patrice purposefully commits the time and space to invest in her client's message to define their purpose, platform and aesthetic.

Australia Graphic Design Association Member
SheSays Sydney Power Organiser
UNSWAustralia Art & Design Alumni
Creative Women's Circle Member